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Designed for a new generation of conscious voyagers, our eco-excursions are powerful and life-enriching experiences improving the way we connect with the world. Expand your horizons with a truly memorable tour into Banderas Bay's beauty. Wether you'd like to interact with wild life, make your heart race while zip-lining between tree-tops, or simply stroll through the local folklore of our neighboring fishermen towns, these journeys off the beaten track will whet your taste for sustainable travel.

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Challenging Jungle Hike + Pristine Waterfall
Explore the wilderness trekking through the pristine sierra behind Xinalani. Follow our guide as he "machetes" his way into the deep rain forest and leads you to a pristine waterfall. Enjoy the unique contact with local fauna and flora, away from tourists. It's a steep hike that requires solid walking shoes, light sports clothes, a bottle of water and some bug repellent.
Price: $30 per person
Duration: 4 hrs

Sustainable travel = contribute to the community + protect the environment + preserve local culture

Zip-lining between tree tops
Anyone up for an adrenaline hit? Get on board for an exhilarating experience where you will swing at high speed from treetop to treetop through the dense tropical vegetation. The guides provide all safety equipment. Our panga will take you to Boca where you will get on a bus that will take you to the Canopy Park. An excellent day trip for fun-seekers and tree-huggers. Wear sports shoes, shorts and a t-shirt, sunscreen, a hat, and a camera.
Price: $70 per person
Duration: 5 hrs
Includes: Transportation & Canopy adventure

Maximum emotion / Minimal Impact
Our partners for that life-changing adventure are experienced marine biologists who decided to fund their research program by sharing with a handful of happy fews the joy of interacting with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Your guides whose work is regularly featured in publications such as Nat Geo, have been studying the bottle-nose dolphin and humpback whales behavior for over a decade. After a fascinating lecture about dolphins and whales lifestyles, you will get on a boat that will take you swimming with this animal whose intelligence fascinates all of us since childhood. Be an active conscious traveler. This tour not only is the time of your life, it also contributes to preserving species and raising people's environmental awareness.
Price: $380 for a party of up to four. $95 per additional person.
Duration: 4 hours - Available All year
Includes: short interactive lecture + boat rides + snorkel immersions with studied group of dolphins + whale watching excursion during season
Bring camera, swim suit, towel, sunscreen.

Whale watching & Eco Discovery
Embark for a panga ride around the Bay of Banderas, the best preserve to observe humpback whales. Every winter, hundreds of  whales swim from the North Pacific Ocean down to the Bay of Banderas where they find a warm haven to reproduce. The boat driver is informed daily about whales whereabouts by radio. He knows his way around those gigantic marine mammals and he will take you as close to them as possible while not disturbing the animal and guarding your safety at all times. It's an eye-opening encounter that you do not want to miss. Don't forget you swim suit and towel because the boat driver will also show you a secret spot to snorkel and swim.
Price: $320 for a party of up to four. $80 per additional person
Duration: 4 hrs - Available from November to March

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all...

A fun day trip to a local fishermen village
This day trip starts in the morning right out of Xinalani's doors where your guide will have your horse ready to take you for a ride. Enjoy the outing through the little town and swim in the waterfall. Back on the beach, you will get on a boat that will take you snorkeling in beautiful hidden coves. The third part of your trip consists in exploring the remote rustic town of Yelapa once home to Bob Dylan and fellow Hollywood hipsters. You will love basking in the authentic charm of this pueblito walking about the paved streets, shopping for local handcrafted souvenirs. After all this excitement, as you're ready for a break, sit down at our partner restaurant on the beach and enjoy a traditional lunch, with your feet on the sand. When you're ready to go back to Xinalani, the boat will pick you up, fully loaded with Coronas, to make your return home, a funky experience.
Price: $320 for a party of up to four. $80 per additional person.
Duration: 5 hours
Includes: horse-back ride + swim waterfall + snorkel excursion + Yelapa discovery + Beach front lunch at local restauratn + Return Boat trip with Coronas

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