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Be a chef for a day
Our Chefs invite you to join them in the kitchen to learn about the secrets of preparing Xinalani delights. Cooking classes are a fun moment to share with your friends and loved ones. It's also a great way to update your cooking knowledge and incorporate some healthy gourmet tricks that will ravish your family back home. You will get a real life hands on experience in a Mexican kitchen. The class will teach you how to prepare three dishes from our menu, feel free to choose your favorite ones! You will also learn the recipe for one of our cocktails.

Price: $50 per person
Min 2 people – Max 6 people
Duration: 2 hours

Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro! Ladies and Gentlemen, time to sway your hips like real latinos! Dance is the physical manifestation of joy.
Join our salsa instructors for a happy hour of learning that famous rhythmic dance.
Price: FREE!
When: Every Thursday down at the Lounge
Includes: a free sample of our special frozen margarita.

Let our experienced meditation instructor hook you up to a life-changing habit. Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned zen master, meditation classes will teach you the art of mindfulness, a solid asset to face the real challenges of our daily hectic lives. A regular short meditation practice combined with daily reps of calm inducing routines will significantly increase your positive intelligence quotient in the short run. This could have revolutionary effects on your work, your relationships, your health and your overall level of happiness. A must do for anyone willing to fulfill their real potential.

Duration: 60 min
Price: $60 per class 
Packaged Deal #1: $100 for a 2 classes package
Package Deal #2: $120 for a 3 classes package
max 6 people per class

All guests at Xinalani either come with a group led by a yoga teacher, or come as single travelers, and in this case receive a daily yoga class included in their fare. For those who wish to complete their yoga experience and deepen their practice by adding classes to their schedule,  our resident yoga instructor can tailor-make classes content according to your needs and wishes.

: Hatha Flow - all levels - beginners welcome
Taught by Certified resident instructor - experienced in both english and spanish

: 90 min

Single class - $70 per class for a party of up to 5 students. $14 per additional student. 

Packaged Deal #1: 3 classes minimum
$60 per class for a party of up to 5 students. $12 per additional student. 

Packaged Deal #2: 5 classes minimum
$50 per class for a party of up to 5 students. $10 per additional student.

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