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Healthy Cuisine

Xinalani's food = Healthy + Delicious => No Dogma

Xinalani’s cuisine takes the folklore and tasty ingredients of the traditional mexican recipes and integrates them with an original accent to a healthy energetical diet. A menu our guests will find unique and delicious.

Our meals are healthy gourmet style and include fresh fish, seafood, and on occasion chicken.

Before you arrive at Xinalani, kindly let us know if you have any food allergy or special diet. Gluten free menus, 100% vegan diet, additional animal protein can be catered to upon request. Please take good note of the fact that our kitchen does not serve red meat. All menu changes requests must be communicated to us at the very least 48 hours before arrival.

We do serve wine, beers, cocktails and liquors. Additionaly, you'll be given an opportunity to learn from the pros and take home delicious healthy cooking habits (additional charge apply).
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From the US: (619) 730 2893
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(+52) (322) 221 5918

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