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You're a talented and goal-driven young leader, with outsanding organization skills, flawless written & spoken English & Spanish, and a great taste for a job well done and satisfied customers.
Your experience in customer service and/or reservations management in the hospitality industry makes you a highly efficient and greatly supportive hands-on reservations coordinator that our guests will praise and that our staff will love to work with. You're freaking fast on the key-board, a notorious multi-tasker, and a great team player. Your attention to details is as powerful as a radar.
An advocate of outdoors healthy life styles, promotor of fitness, you are an extraverted person who enjoy sharing new adventures and meeting new people.

Skills & Experience:
- Proficient MS Excel / Word / Powerpoint
- Great Email etiquette + Thorough phone conversation skills
- Fluent English & Spanish (written+spoken)
- Perfect Spelling & Grammar
- 2 years min experience in similar position
- Solid Education

Job Description:
You report directly to the Sales Manager. You communicate constantly with customers, receptionists, and hotel resident manager. Your duties include but are not limited to:
1.Front office:
- Answer email and telephone inquiries (FAQs, Quotes, etc.)
- Handle live phone conversations with prospective and existing clients
- Collect guests' personal information and confirm reservations

- Charge credit card deposits and track pending payments
- Occasionally Greet guests and Escort them from airport to resort (by boat)
- Be on the look for feedback and participate in continuing improvement process of our services 

2.Back office:
- Manage cloud-based hotel admin tools
- Update and manage resort calendar, room inventory, & guest database

- Edit multiple spreadsheet revenue reports for CFO and CEO
- Write Pre-Convention Fact sheets with detailed guest-lists
- Streamline communications and information exchange with on site Operations Manager + front desk / reception
- Assist CEO and/or Sales Manager with occasional administrative missions

 Start date: ASAP
 Base: Our head office in Aramara
 Schedule: Full office shift from monday to friday. Thursday afternoons are off. Saturdays  are busy days (arrivals/departures). Sunday is off

 Compensation: Fixed salary based on experience and profile + quarterly bonus based on  room revenue objectives

 Email application to Subject of your email: "Reservations  Coordinator Application" Send resume with recent picture and a cover letter.




You're a talented, self-starter and goal-driven young leader, with outstanding organizational skills, flawless written & spoken English & Spanish, and a clear talent for digital social interactions.

Your successful experience in marketing in the hospitality/travel/leisure/adventure industry makes you the rising star we need to position our brand as the undoubted leader of yoga/wellness/adventure retreats worldwide.

You're a great team player, always ahead of the tech game and very attentive to details that can make a difference. Nonetheless your geeky compulsive tweeting habit, you're a strong advocate of outdoors healthy life styles, and promotor of fitness. You are an extraverted person who enjoys sharing new adventures and meeting new people, but always with your smartphone on-hand so you don't miss an opportunity to Instagram each new experience with the world.

Your curiosity and sense of humor give you a natural gift for writing the right catch line and snapping the picture our facebook friends will all talk about.

- College degree in Marketing/Advertising
- 3 years min experience in the Marketing division of a company with clear goals
- In-Depth experience in managing website content and look/feel using a CMS (back-end admin tool)

- Proficiency and utter passion for major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
- Solid experience in SEO/SEM; blog writing and publishing, link building
- Talent for graphic design and Advanced use of Adobe Creative Suite
- Talent for photo + video production and edition
- Fluent English & Spanish (written+spoken)
- Perfect Spelling & Grammar

Job Description:
You will report directly to the CEO. You will start your assignment by thoroughly analyzing the current statistics of website traffic, social media activity, hotel occupancy and revenue. You will set ambitious goals for traffic and lead generation, and eventual revenue conversion that you will achieve through the implementation of a detailed strategy and an extensive weekly task list.

Your duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Manage and continually develop Xinalani's website, Ensure that website content is up-to-date, complete, accurate, user-friendly and compelling to all guests and prospects. 
  2. Achieve continuing growth in site traffic, customer data-base entries, and social media followers as per your quarterly objectives.
  3. Stay at forefront of website trends; apply latest technology to Xinalani's website and develop eye-catching, viral content for our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc) as appropriate.
  4. Update and publish print material to support on-site sales of spa, activities, beverages.
  5. Work along with CEO and Sales Manager to design sales pitches (slideshows), professional proposals, web campaigns, promotions and packages to achieve company's occupancy and revenue objectives
  6. Monitor website traffic using Google Analytics. Prepare reports to track results and help guide marketing decisions. 
  7. Oversee and maintain Xinalani’s Guest Database / Drive efficient email campaigns
  8. Design, Process and Analyze surveys from guests and make recommendations to improve service and facilities. 
  9. Collect and enhance interactive guest testimonial from overall experience in the form of viral material (pictures, videos, quotes, etc)


Start date:

Base: Our head office in Aramara / Occasionally escorting guests throughout their stay and activities Schedule: Full office shift, schedule can be challenging in high season

Compensation: Fixed salary based on experience and profile + quarterly bonus based on performance and goal achievement


Email application to
Subject of your email: "Marketing Manager Application" Send resume with recent picture and a cover letter.

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