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Our Retreat is Only 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), our 250 yard wide pristine sand beach can be accessed solely by boat. We can arrange a personalized special service for guests who want to be escorted from the airport to the resort.

TransportationTimeAccess & Transportation are really easy. Our 10 acres of splendid unspoiled jungle on the southern shore of Banderas Bay are only 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), Xinalani’s 250 yard wide pristine sand beach can be accessed solely by boat. There are no roads leading to the property. For boat transportation purposes, guests should book an arrival flight that lands no later than 4:30 PM and a departure flight that takes off no earlier than 11:00 AM.


Shuttle Service: 

Xinalani can arrange a personalized special service for guests who want to be escorted from the airport to the resort. If you hire this service, you will be:

- Greeted at the airport by a hostess
- Transferred by taxi or van to the pier (API Terminal Marítima or Boca de Tomatlan depending on the weather)
- Transferred by boat to the resort
- Your bags will be carried up to your room

The cost is $100 US per person round trip (ie the fee covers both ways, from the airport to Xinalani and back to the airport). The cost will be charged to your room, don’t pay the drivers.

Return to the airport at the end of the retreat:
Any guests not returning to the airport must pay for their own transportation from the Marina or may go to the airport and choose the transportation of their choice to go to their final destination.
Note to Retreat Planners:
To make transfer logistics smoother, Xinalani requires that Retreat Planners include the Shuttle Service in the complete retail price of their retreat.

If you want to make it on your own to Xinalani:

After landing at Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), please take a moment to change to shorter pants, light shirt and sandals, take out your camera, your sunscreen and your sunglasses, those are important details for your boat trip!

Go to one of the three official taxi booths in the airport and book a cab to “Boca de Tomatlán Pier”. You should pay at the counter and receive a ticket that you will have to give to the cab driver.

-Car (1-3 passengers): $450 MXN
-Van (1-5 passengers): $800 MXN
$1 USD =  $12.85 MXN (average exchange rate February 2012, subject to change)
Sit back and relax. Average cab ride from PVR to Boca de Tomatlán: 45-50 min
When approaching destination, tell the cab driver to drop you off at the pier (“al muelle por favor” in spanish, pronounce ” al mooh-A-yeah por favor”)

Wait at the pier, or sit down at one of the restaurants on the beach and enjoy a drink while waiting. A panga (Spanish for small fisherman boat) called “Xinalani” will pick you up. 

Panga & Pick-up schedule: Please email us at to make an appointment for your boat transfer.
Time & Cost: 12 min boat ride / $20 USD per person round trip 


During your stay at Xinalani, you will be asked to confirm your departure flight information. Our hostess will then give your panga schedule. Guests that came on their own will be driven back to Boca de Tomatlán. Guests that opted for the Shuttle Service will be taken back to the airport via API – Terminal Marítima (boat ride: 30 min + cab ride: 10 min)


Contact Us

Xinalani Office:

Maria Montessori 650-2. Aramara. CP:48314. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Xinalani Resort:

Playa Xinalani, Quimixto. CP:48399.
Puerto Vallarta. Jalisco, Mexico.

From the US: (619) 730 2893
From Mexico: (+52) (322) 221 5918

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