What to bring to Xinalani

What to Bring to Xinalani? That's one important question and we are here to help you with some tips. Travel light and avoid packing stuff you won't even need at Xinalani. Keep on reading for the full list of items you will and will not need for a perfect trip to our yoga retreat!

What to Bring to Xinalani ?

–    Favorite yoga mat (although we have enough on property, there’s nothing better than one’s own mat)
–    Sweaters & warm clothes (it gets chilly at night and in the morning – ONLY during winter months which are December through April)
–    Flash lights, head lights, book lights: the lighting in the rooms and all over the eco-resort is quite dim (we use only low consumption 1 Watt LED bulbs)
–    Surf board, bathing suit, sunglasses
–    Music instruments, IPods
–    Sunscreen and mosquitoes repellent (although we sell them on property)
–    Beach clothes & flip flops (or any amphibian shoes)
–    Sneakers to go hiking or trail running
–    A notebook if you feel inspired
–    Books that you wish to read and donate to Xinalani library (for staff and guests)
–    Cash: dollars & pesos, Visa, Discover or Mastercard
–    Alarm Clock to get up for your morning yoga practice
–    Binoculars (to watch whales from your terrace)
–    Cameras and video-cameras
–    Smiles, good intentions, will to get fit (there are many many stairs on the property as we’re built on a steep terrain)

What NOT to bring to Xinalani ?

–    Yoga props (we have plenty of blankets, blocks, straps, meditation cushions)
–    Cell Phones, Tablets, Personal computers with work. This week you can choose to disconnect and find internal peace.
–    American Express card (we don’t take it)
–    Stress and bad vibes (don’t worry, they will melt down the moment you step into the boat)
–    Hairdryers: as our electrical circuits are not designed to withhold high intensity electric devices.
–    Soap and shampoo, we provide guests with high quality biodegradable products that we recommend using, as we recycle water for irrigation.
–    Towels: we will provide you with shower and beach towels



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