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Temazcal & Meditation


Dig down deep inside and tap into the spiritual connection that sustains you. Strengthen your inner courage, overcome the challenging cleansing rite of Temazcal, and master meditation techniques. You'll inherit an ancient wisdom that will propel you forward day after day.

A temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated in ancient Mexico with prehispanic indigenous people. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word temazcalli (house of heat). In Mesoamerica it was used as part of elite warriors and athletes' routines before and after battles or imperial ball games. It was also used by healers to cure the sick, or to help women give birth.
During this solemn and symbolic ceremony, a Shaman will guide you through the antique protocol and invoke the four elements to purify your mind, body and soul.
Temazcal is not a spa treatment: it is an intense ritual that will challenge your body and train your mind for higher self-power. Xinalani recommends scheduling your group's temazcal at the beginning of your retreat. This initiation is the right first step to solidify bonds and ignite transformation. If later, you feel like exploring deeper into that practice, you may schedule a second ceremony, or you can use the sweat lodge just as a regular sauna.

Duration: 80 min.
Price: $210 per ceremony for a party of up to 6 people.
$35 per additional person.
Capacity: Max 16 people per ceremony.
Includes: full ritual protocol by certified shaman, all prep work, orientation and support before during and after practice, organic iced-tea or agua fresca, tray of fresh fruit snacks.

Tips to enjoy the benefits of the Temazcal ceremony:

Before: During: Not recommended for:
Drink lots of water, not alcohol
Listen carefully to the shaman, he will give precious advice Pregnant or menstruating women
Don't eat too much Meditate: let go of rush feelings to find inner quietness even in adversity
People with a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes
Don't wear make-up, sunscreen or sweatblock products If you have to leave, avoid disturbing other participants, wait for the door to open People subject to high anxiety, claustrophobia or panic attacks

Email us prior to your arrival at

For those who would like to enjoy the many benefits of a rustic steam bath in our Temazcal but don't necessary want to experience the whole ceremony, Xinalani offers to set up steam bath sessions upon request.
Price: $100 for a party of up to 4.
$20 per additional person
Max. 16 people per session
Duration: 60 min
Includes: Temazcal set up. Assistance in handling heated volcanic stones

Embrace a life-changing practice today: take a meditation class

Let our experienced meditation instructor hook you up to a life-changing habit. Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned zen master, meditation classes will teach you the art of mindfulness, a solid asset to face the real challenges of our daily hectic lives. A regular short meditation practice combined with daily reps of calm inducing routines will significantly increase your positive intelligence quotient in the short run. This could have revolutionary effects on your work, your relationships, your health and your overall level of happiness. A must do for anyone willing to fulfill their real potential.

Duration: 60 min
Price: $60 per class - max 6 people per class 
Packaged Deal #1: $100 for a 2 classes package
Package Deal #2: $120 for a 3 classes package

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