Xinalani Experience

Xinalani creates exclusive eco-resort and life-enriching experiences for active conscious travelers to enjoy healthy vacations in preserved environments and awe-inspiring architecture. We facilitate retreats that open opportunities of transformation through stress-relieving disciplines, mind-blowing adventures, and utter delight of the senses. Xinalani (she-nah-lah-knee) means seeds in ancient Mexico. Come plant the seeds of wellness.

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Is Xinalani a place for you?

Xinalani is an eco-retreat, that means during your stay with us, you will mostly be off the grid. That's voluntary. Our vision says a lot about that. But what does that mean exactly?

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Xinalani Ethical Venture

The beauty found in Xinalani Retreat® lies in the art of making our vacation space a sanctuary for the soul, where we can escape the discord and stress of modern life. Xinalani provides a place where we can seek new meaning for our lives and restore the mind-body balance.

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Xinalani Staff

One of our greatest assets is our people; they are the key to our success and the essence of our culture. Chosen for their genuine kindness and their natural warmth, our associates are always respectful, available and eager to support our guest’s needs. We believe that our outstanding service is the result of the united efforts of many. We always run the extra mile together as a team, protecting everyone's integrity and respecting each other contributions and preferences.

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Mexican Fauna at Xinalani

As a sustainable Resort in Mexico, our property is a sanctuary for wild life. Standing in the heart of the jungle privileges our location, humpback whales, bottled-nose dolphins, iguanas and birds such as parakeets, parrots, macaws, and woodpecker, among others, are our companions.

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