5 Tips to Eat Clean

by: Xinalani Staff
5 Tips to Eat Clean

We hear so much about clean eating and how beneficial it can be. There are simple good habits for naturally detoxifying the body with lots of health benefits. Rather than focusing around the idea of ingesting more or less of specific things (for instance, fewer calories or more protein), the idea is more about being mindful of the food’s pathway between its origin and your plate. If you want to wake up feeling vibrant, alive, joyful and full of energy, we recommend you keep reading…

Most of us don’t connect what we’re eating to how we feel, but if you want to get rid of symptoms like fatigue, digestive issues, allergies, headaches, etc; you’d better learn how you can do it with out all the suffering.  Getting the bad toxins out and welcoming in the elements that your body needs is easier than you think!

1. Quit processed foods, embrace wholesome foods

First of all, try to avoid as much as possible any foods that come in a box, package or can or have a label, and stick to real, whole, fresh food.

2. Morning coffee? Hold on a second

If the first thing you do in the morning right out of bed is to get a big cup of coffee, consider this. You would get great benefits from starting with a big glass of fresh water, just to get your system running. Then you can get a coffee. Espresso is better than drip (quantity is better controlled, taste is richer).

Consider taking a break from coffee from time to time and switch to green tea for a few days.

3. Start your day with a green smoothie

When it comes to naturally cleansing the body a great way is to start your day with a detoxifying green smoothie. A good recipe incorporates natural and healthy fiber that helps digestion.

Green Smoothie Recipe

• 1 cup kale, spinach or collard greens, coarsely chopped
• 1 Green apple, coarsely chopped
• 1 ripe banana.
• 1/2 cup parsley leaves

Combine kale/spinach, apple, banana, parsley, and 2 1/4 cups water in a blender; blend until smooth. If the mixture is too thick, add a little more water.

4. Keep close to superfoods

Learn to incorporate superfoods into each meal. Indulge in avocado, coconuts, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, flax seeds; they contain important nutrients and antioxidants that boost your immune system. Read more about superfoods here.

5. Sweet tooth? Pick the right sweet for you

Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and refined wheat flours are bad for you. They all cause increased cravings and slow metabolism, and lead you store fat. If you need to sweeten something: organic honeybee, or agave nectar.

If you love sweet things, take a deep dive in the universe of wholesome fruit. There is so much to explore, so much guilt-free pleasure in fruits: become a fruit geek, taste as many varieties of apples you can get (7,000), each season can bring you new things, when you learn how to eat them mindfully, you will get higher on fruit than anyone can get on candy.

We hope those 5 tips will remind you to eat cleaner and get healthier. It’s all about habits, small everyday decisions.