Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat

Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat

From May 30 to 03 June 2020

Join Laurasia and Louis in Mexico, where the lush jungle meets the emerald ocean, to cultivate the warrior within. During this five-day awakening retreat, we will meditate and learn the compassionate inner warrior practice, while embodying the outer warrior, by gaining physical strength and empowerment through boxing. We will explore the four Buddhist warrior practices of joy, self-compassion, loving-kindness, and equanimity, to learn how to access the happiness we all have within, to dive deeply into what is causing us pain and how to care for it, to practice radical kindness, and to learn to see life as it is and accept things as they are.

Through boxing, you will gain the strength and tools needed to keep your bodies and minds in the game, regardless of work overload and stress. You will take home a set of valuable life skills through the art of boxing, by engaging in a series of fun and challenging workouts, each with a blend of boxing, HIIT, and interactive exercise games. All classes will build from a basic level upwards, so you can experience a journey of learning and accomplishment over the course of the retreat. You will come away feeling fierce and empowered, as well as happy and peaceful, as you awaken your inner and outer warrior.

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About the teacher

Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat

Laurasia Mattingly

Meditation Teacher

Laurasia Mattingly is a certified meditation instructor and all-around badass with smiles for days. In addition to meditation, she’s certified in Reiki, Tantra, and life coaching (yes, you could say she’s somewhat of a spiritual nerd). After experiencing the qualities of meditation to overcome her own obstacles in life, Laurasia now seeks to share the power of the practice with you. 

Following the loss of her mother, Laurasia began exploring her own spirituality as a means of working through her grief to find peace in the uncertainty of life. It was then that she discovered how meditation could transform, literally… everything. This freed space for her to follow her intuition, be her (very extra) self and manifest her dreams. She remains committed to her practice by pursuing additional education through the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center’s MAPs courses and attending silent retreats annually. Laurasia has led meditation at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Lightning In A Bottle Festival and collaborated on events with the Ace Hotel, The Standard Hotel, Gaia Collective, Skyspace LA and Teeki Eco-Conscious Yoga Apparel. Laurasia is also an ambassador for Lululemon. “The combo of boxing and meditation changed my life. My inner and outer strength are finally in alignment.” - Laurasia Mattingly

Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat

Louis Chandler-Joseph

Professional Boxing & Fitness Trainer

Louis is an enthusiastic and energetic trainer, who believes that working out should be enjoyed rather than endured. Having grown up playing professional soccer until age 21 and boxing for 8+ years, he finds that exercise through sport brings out the best in all of us. Having taught at Prevail Boxing, and now a DogPound trainer, Louis is one of the top elite trainers in Los Angeles. Always smiling and upbeat, you will find his boxing and HIIT based workouts uplifting and empowering.


About the experience

Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat
Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat
Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat
Awakening the Warrior, Boxing + Meditation Retreat
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All Included


per person CASITAS  $3,600 ECO-CHIC SUITE  $3,250 PETITE SUITE  $2,950 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,650 SMALL PALAPA  $2,150


per person CASITAS  $2,875 ECO-CHIC SUITE  $2,600 PETITE SUITE  $2,400 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,300


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and granola
  • Daily meditation, mindfulness and boxing workshops and classes
  • Airport transfers and Boat ride to retreat center
  • All taxes
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Meditation class
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While a more detailed schedule will be sent closer to the retreat date, there will be an evening class on the day of arrival, a morning class on the day of departure, and morning and afternoon classes on the other days. Lots of free time to relax, get a massage, frolic in the warm ocean water, or take part in one of the many optional excursions.

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