Release Anxiety

Ashley Smith by: Ashley Smith
Release Anxiety

At Xinalani, relaxation melts with paradise. The sounds of the ocean, the beauty of nature and the tranquility of the resort all enhance the luxurious indulgence of pure blissful peace. During your stay, the soothing harmony of quiet and serene surroundings relieves stress and the worries of the outside world.

While Xinalani is the perfect retreat into mindfulness and peace, heading back to the daily grind with work and obligations may lift your stress level once again. Take a part of the resort—a part of your experience—with you when you leave by embracing a few techniques that will help you alleviate stress and welcome that blissful peace back into your soul.

When the vacation ends and life go back to your typical routine, retreat into a personal paradise…and nurture your body and mind once again.

Soothing Sea

No, we cannot let you pack the ocean with you when you leave. However, the salty air and the rush of waves may be yours again for a multi-sensory soothing sea of serenity in the comfort of home. Your bathtub can transform into your personal ocean, no airfare needed. Choose Dead Sea Salt, which offers beneficial minerals, for your bath. While the water is running, add about two cups of the salt under the tap. Turn off the lights and use scented candles around the bath for a natural glow. Floating flower petals bring a touch of luxury to your bath and also elevate the sensory experience. Play your favorite relaxing soundtrack or choose sounds of nature like ocean waves. Now lay back, soak in the scents and the warmth and let your body relax and unwind.

Schedule a Massage

When the stress from work, kids or life starts to tense up your muscles, it’s time to schedule some down time with the masseuse. Our packages often include massages to help guests relax their bodies and immerse in the tranquility and peace of their retreat. Massages also may help with anxiety and, during times when hitting the mental pause button is difficult, lying on the table with soothing music and feeling the body loosen the pressure of stress feels like an hour-long personal retreat.  When the days become overwhelming, schedule some down time and indulge the body with a massage.

Yoga & Meditation

The postures and breathing of yoga provide relaxation through mindfulness. For the body to create the postures of yoga, the mind has to completely relax and let go of objections. Breathing—the breath—becomes the focus that allows the body to bend. Combining a meditative practice with yoga allows the body and mind to fully let go. When the mind becomes focused on a word, on the breath, the body and soul feels at peace. Adopt a yoga and meditative practice at home and create your own yoga retreat. When practicing at home, be sure to create an environment that is free of distractions. Dress comfortably, preferably in loose or breathable fabrics like organic cottons or even light linens. Don’t allow thoughts or clothing to constrict the mind or body.


The benefits of running are numerous. Running is fantastic cardio, builds endurance and makes the body feel amazingly powerful. But running—like all exercises—releases endorphins, those little chemicals that give our spirit a lift. When you’re pounding the pavement and focused on the distance ahead, the mind often doesn’t have time to stress about the small stuff. Think of running as both a mental and physical boost.

The retreat doesn’t have to end when you leave Xinalani. Take back the bliss, the harmonious solitude, and the peaceful paradise by creating your own escape from stress. Embrace relaxation through exercises and indulgences that help the body and soul find joy and contentment. Whether you transform your bathtub into a tropical ocean or you adopt a yoga routine, take time to relax and enjoy the moments all around you. Find mindfulness, find peace right where you are. But when you’re ready to come back…we’ll be here.