Harness Your Creative Power Retreat

Harness Your Creative Power Retreat

From April 20 to 27, 2019

Fundamentally, we are all creative beings. Creativity inspires action and beauty in our lives; whether it is through the arts, music, cooking, writing, career, friendships, family, sports etc. Creativity fuels our lives and brings us a sense of purpose and meaning.  In this era of “busy”, it can be challenging to maintain our creative state, and lose touch with our innate sense of creative expression.

Step away from the busy-ness and stress of your everyday life. Join Lisa and Noelle on a retreat that will allow you reconnect to your inner expressive self, find calm and regain your sense of wellbeing.  Space will be made to give a voice to your deepest callings, harness your creative power and direct your energy to the areas in your life that are longing for your attention.You will rest and reset. You will sleep, play, connect, eat well and enjoy limitless hours by crystal blue waters. You will reconnect to your own creativity.  You will reconnect once again to your inspired self, and receive a deep reset, down to a cellular level.

Lisa & Noelle will skillfully support & guide you to connect inwards, to retreat and reconnect to your innermost passions, rediscover yourself, and your passions.

Retreat includes:
• Reset & Re-Balance your nervous system
• Awaken pleasure & purpose in your life
• Shift old patterns
• Shift creative blockages in all areas of your life
• Find Your Authentic Voice
• Chakra rebalancing
• Playful asana
• Breath Work
• Chanting, mantra & soundscapes
• Crystal Bowl meditations

About Sound Healing:
The subtle benefits of a sound practice include feeling more peaceful and confident, connection to self and to others, a deeper sense of self-worth, and much more. We are all very much affected by vibration. Sound yoga is the conscious use of a variety of sound practices, especially the voice, that help restore harmony within the physical and energy bodies.  The “internal massage” created by sound vibration promotes well-being by lowering the heart rate, activating digestion, enhancing the immune system and lowering stress responses. During her sound sessions, Lisa blends the conscious movement and physical awareness of yoga asana with more esoteric meditative practices, traditional changes, and exploratory vocal meditations for a healing experience that will leave groups feeling lighter, happier, more connected and balanced.

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About the teacher

Harness Your Creative Power Retreat

Lisa Cyr

500 YT

Lisa was born and raised in Calgary, but spent most of her adult life drifting in and out of the city, living and working in several different countries around the world. Her relationship with yoga began in 2004, as a means to rehabilitate a spinal injury and rebuild core strength. What she found in yoga was a therapy not only for the physical body, but also her the soul.  Slowly, she transitioned from exploring the external world and other cultures, to studying her own inner landscape and culture.

Through the practice, it has become clear to her that yoga is one of the most profound ways to connect with ourselves and with one another, as well as explore; discover; play and make this world a better place…

Lisa takes her sense of adventure and curiosity to the mat, leading classes that blend invigorating asana, breath work and self-exploration. Her classes are accessible, concise and empowering, with intelligent and intuitive sequencing.  Deeply present and connected to the group, Lisa encourages students to take charge of their own experience, and blends breathwork, yoga, sound and awareness of movement to create a holistic practice that students can then begin to take off the mat and into their lives.

Harness Your Creative Power Retreat

Noelle Bovon

500 Hr RYT

Life & Business Coach


Writer of Mindful Mondays

I love deep work, and understand the inner workings of our minds and body is exciting to me. As well as helping you discover what inspires you and what moves you into greater alignment with who you are meant to be.

Mama, Founder and Owner and Manager of Balu Yoga & Wellness. Noelle is an unwavering optimist and humble warrior of the human spirit, deeply committed to helping her students see their potential. With great aspirations to become a philanthropist, she is a 500 hour trained teacher. Noelle’s life journey has given her the experiences that lead her into searching for something to help ground and keep her in the present. That’s when the practice of yoga became a  part of her life over 14 years ago. Her teachings are influenced by several traditions including hatha, anusara and early introductions to ashtanga yoga. Noelle’s practice and teachings are full of life, soul & the endless inspirations that this life provides. She will challenge you in mind and body while artfully finding movements that inspire inner connection. She believes Yoga is about finding love, light and connection in your body and most importantly having fun & laughter in your own practice.

Noelle is also a life and business mentor & coach; offering leadership retreats, yoga retreats, Yukon Yoga & River Trips, speaker & presenter and a multi passionate entrepreneur. Contact Noelle at to connect or work with her.


About the experience

Harness Your Creative Power Retreat
Harness Your Creative Power Retreat
Harness Your Creative Power Retreat
Harness Your Creative Power Retreat


All Included


per person CASITAS   Payment Plans available ECO-CHIC SUITE  US$600 to reserve BIG PALAPA  Prices start at US$1575


per person ECO-CHIC SUITE  Contact for info


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Non alcoholic drinks during meals
  • 2 daily yoga clases
  • Airport transfers and Boat ride to retreat center
  • All taxes
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Meditation class
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