Living Fully and Authentically

Living Fully and Authentically

From December 16 to 23, 2017

Authenticity! Live your most authentic life. Live fully, live for you. Give less energy to the thoughts and opinions of others. Experience life from a place of appreciation for who you are and for the beauty of everyone and everything around you. This retreat will give you space to be exactly who you are and to have the exact experience you need. Classes and workshops will consist of varied styles and approaches to yoga from vinyasa classes to fundamentals and inversion workshops to restorative. Non-asana classes will focus on journaling, meditation, group discussion, and more.

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About the teacher

Living Fully and Authentically

Dana Falsetti

Dana Falsetti is an international yoga teacher, writer, and advocate for living an authentic life that begins with self-love and awareness. She has been recognized by millions across social media for her message: anybody can practice yoga and everybody has a right to be their true self no matter what body they are in. She connects by sharing her experiences candidly with vulnerable strength that is infectious. Her strong and patient teaching style offers clear instruction and relative alignment, allowing students to empower themselves by building body awareness. Her goal is to create a space where students feel safe to move freely and enjoy the process without expectation.

Dana came to her yoga practice during an ultimate low, a place of depression largely from focusing on weight loss and body shaming her whole life. She spent a year dieting and exercising which led to significant weight loss, only to realize that being smaller didn’t make her happier because while her body changed, she didn’t. Suffering from a binge eating disorder, she struggled with body image and self worth her whole life until she realized she could actually accept and love herself as is. Through a strong yoga practice she learned her true strength, and that the hardest limits were the ones she created herself.

Dana contributes has been featured in media outlets across the globe including Shape, Upworthy, People, The Daily Mail, OM Yoga, Mantra, and more. She is a 2017 Shorty Award winner (recognizing excellence in social media) in the Health and Wellness category, and was recently named on OOOM Magazine’s list of 100 Most Inspiring.


About the experience

Living Fully and Authentically
Living Fully and Authentically
Living Fully and Authentically
Living Fully and Authentically


All Included


per person ECO-CHIC SUITE  $3,570 PETITE SUITE  $2,975 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,485 SMALL PALAPA  $1,800 BIG PALAPA  $1,600


per person ECO-CHIC SUITE  $2,350 PETITE SUITE  $2,100 DELUXE ROOMS  $1,950


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Non alcoholic drinks during meals
  • 2 daily yoga clases/Workshops
  • Airport transfers and Boat ride to retreat center
  • All taxes
  • Save your spot with US$500, the 50% balance will be due on September 14th, 2017 and the remaining balance on November30th, 2017
  • Snorkel Equipment
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  • Day 1: check-in
  • Day 2: 9-10 am Dana/Group Introduction, 5-6 pm Yoga
  • Day 3: 9-10 am Yoga, 3:30-5:30 pm Fundamentals Workshop
  • Day 4: 9-10 am Yoga, 4-5:30 pm Restorative + Journaling Workshop
  • Day 5: 9-10 am Yoga, 3:30-5:30 pm Intro to Inversions Workshop
  • Day 6: 9-10am Yoga, 3:30-5:30 pm Bring Your Questions Workshop (philosophy, asana, life)
  • Day 7: 9-10 am Yoga, 4-5:30 pm Retreat Wrap Up + Self Led Practice
  • Day 8: check out

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